Optimizing Dwarfbot

Dwarf Fortress uses tilesets to render its graphics. With ~180 possible tilesets, converting a screenshot to a new tileset becomes challengingly slow.

Attention Networks with Keras

One of the most interesting advancements in natural language processing is the idea of attention networks. They've been used successfully in translation services, medical diagnosis, and other tasks.

AI and How It Relates to Cybersecurity

Two modern day buzzwords are AI and cyber security. Surprisingly, they're not discussed together often. However, in the current startup landscape, there are efforts to integrate the two, both by black hat and white hat hackers.

How We Moved the Scratch Wiki

Over the past several years, Scratch has seen nothing but explosive growth, and in fact is listed as the 29th most popular programming language. However, this growth wasn't without challenges.

Lessons from DeepLearning.ai - Sequence Models

As I continue my daily hacking, I sometimes like to take a side course to learn a new field or topic. One of them is Andrew Ng's Sequence Model class. Below I'll be sharing some of the lessons taught in the class.

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