Hello there! I'm Ernest Parke, a programmer, maker, and tinkerer. My mantra is to seek out hard fun, and to explore the unknown.

This blog is an embodiment of that sentiment. On it, I'll discuss various challenges and projects for others to enjoy. Expect new content periodically.

As my favorite saying goes, the stars are bold tonight. ✨ ✨ 🌙

About Me

Currently, I am a student of the OSU university, and am on track to major in Artificial Intelligence. Among other things, I like to program, to read, and to write a little.

Programming first became engaging to me because of Scratch. Here was a simple environment where I could create riveting and complex games! Afterwards, I began coding in Java and PHP, eventually becoming sysop of the International Scratch Wikis. Since then, I've investigated new technologies like Arch linux, django, Python, TensorFlow, and others to further my goals and interests.

One of my major interests is artificial intelligence. I originally was captivated by ai-junkie's tutorial on genetic algorithms, and have since privately explored the field. Expect blog posts on the topic!

That's all for the About Me. I'm open to talking via email and Twitter. ☕