Directory of Pretrained AI

One of the best tips for building a AI is to not start from scratch, but to start from a pretrained AI that has been trained on a similar task. Below I'd like to share a list of various pretrained AI.

Hacking Natas17

One of the great resources of the internet is the OverTheWire CTF challenge. It's a great way to learn about security vulnerabilities.

VirtualBox Networking with Multiple Adapters

For some people, VirtualBox does everything smoothly. It's stupid easy. For others, setting up multiple networking adapters is the hardest frigging thing ever. [email protected]&!

Ohio LinuxFest Streaming

Adventures are fun. One of my recent adventures has been to Ohio LinuxFest to follow one of my ideas. Specifically, I wanted to make PyCon styled videos for LinuxFest, because this is very educational content, and Ohio Linuxfest is a great conference. The videos may be found here.

AI Vectorization

In the Coursera class "Machine Learning" offered by Stanford University, the professor claims the algorithms are vectorized. However, the algorithms use for loops. Can the algorithms be vectorized further, for efficiency?

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